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Largest places in Botswana
Gaborone Gaborone1.Gaborone Gaborone208,411
Francistown Francistown2.City of Francistown City of Francistown89,979
Molepolole Molepolole3.Kweneng Kweneng63,248
Maun Maun4.North-West North-West49,945
Serowe Serowe5.Central Central47,419
Kanye Kanye6.Ngwaketsi Ngwaketsi44,716
Mogoditshane Mogoditshane7.Kweneng Kweneng43,394
Selebi-Phikwe Selebi-Phikwe8.Selibe Phikwe Selibe Phikwe42,488
Mahalapye Mahalapye9.Central Central41,316
Mochudi Mochudi10.Kgatleng Kgatleng36,962
Lobatse Lobatse11.Lobatse Lobatse30,883
Palapye Palapye12.Central Central30,650
Ramotswa Ramotswa13.South-East South-East21,450
Thamaga Thamaga14.Kweneng Kweneng20,756
Mosopa Mosopa15.Ngwaketsi Ngwaketsi19,561
Letlhakane Letlhakane16.Central Central18,136
Tonota Tonota17.Central Central17,759
Janeng Janeng18.South-East South-East16,853
Gabane Gabane19.Kweneng Kweneng12,884
Ghanzi Ghanzi20.Ghanzi Ghanzi9,934
Kasane Kasane21.Chobe Chobe9,250
Orapa Orapa22.Central Central9,189
Kopong Kopong23.South-East South-East6,895
Letlhakeng Letlhakeng24.Kweneng Kweneng6,781
Tshabong Tshabong25.Kgalagadi Kgalagadi6,591
Otse Otse26.South-East South-East6,275
Shakawe Shakawe27.North-West North-West5,651
Metsemotlhaba Metsemotlhaba28.Kweneng Kweneng5,544
Rakops Rakops29.Central Central5,222
Lenchwe Le Tau Lenchwe Le Tau30.Kweneng Kweneng4,992
Mmopone Mmopone31.Kweneng Kweneng4,927
Nata Nata32.Central Central4,794
Gweta Gweta33.Central Central4,689
Mathambgwane Mathambgwane34.Central Central4,675
Hukuntsi Hukuntsi35.Kgalagadi Kgalagadi4,403
Kang Kang36.Kgalagadi Kgalagadi4,229
Bokaa Bokaa37.Kgatleng Kgatleng4,131
Sefophe Sefophe38.Central Central4,114
Ramokgonami Ramokgonami39.Central Central3,681
Masunga Masunga40.North-East North-East3,639
Maunatlala Maunatlala41.Central Central3,361
Manyana Manyana42.Ngwaketsi Ngwaketsi3,338
Mopipi Mopipi43.Central Central3,301
Sua Sua44.Central Central3,141
Sebina Sebina45.North-East North-East3,030
Moijabana Moijabana46.Central Central2,768
Letsheng Letsheng47.Central Central2,696
Mookane Mookane48.Central Central2,397
Ratholo Ratholo49.Central Central2,377
Kalamare Kalamare50.Central Central2,339

1 - 50 of 111 places
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